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Engagement portraits with young couple at botanical gardens.
Beautiful romantic moment with this couple in the park.
Couple portraits in park.

Engagement Portraits

Your engagement is a milestone event, along with the wedding and you should have some pictures that reflect that time. Capture your engagement with Paul Michaels Photography.

Most couples prefer to do their engagement photo shoot in a relaxed environment. The most popular location is the beach or botanical gardens, but your pictures can be taken at some of the historic wellington buildings, or wherever has a meaning to you.

Studio photography

You may also consider a more intimate studio engagement portrait, just let us know what you want and we will advise on getting the very best images.

Photo shoots can be done at any time, however for location shoots the lighting is normally best late afternoon and if we’re lucky can incorporate a beautiful sunset too.

What to wear for your portraits

Clothing should be kept neutral, no patterns, big logos or stripes. Ideally clothing should match both the location and your personalities. For the beach I would suggest light colours, blue or pastels. Park photo shoots are best in tans, blues and greens. You should also wear colours similar to each other, so that the portraits are focused on you not the clashing colours.

If you don’t normally wear foundation, I highly suggest it for photo shoots. With neutral colours for the make-up recommended. Bring some lip-gloss with you to reapply after smooches. If we are at the beach (or possibly anywhere on location in Wellington), please keep in mind that it is sometime windy. So, you may need a little more hairspray than normal.

The engagement photos can be done at any time before the wedding, so complete an enquiry or give us a call and we can have a chat.

Booking your photoshoot

Contact us to arrange for a photo shoot or have a chat about our photography. All bookings are made with the understanding that you comply with the Standard terms and conditions

Wellington engagement photographers, couple Photography by Paul Michaels.

Engagement portraits by PaulMichaels photography.